Landmann Barrone Fire Pit #Review


I have wanted a fire pit for years and years.  My husband wasn’t completely certain that we would really use it.  To be fair, when our kids were smaller, we might not have used it as much, but our kids are all teens/twenties now.  It is the right time for us as a family so we decided to purchase the Landmann Barrone Fire Pit.

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Landmann Barrone Fire Pit Review

We decided last autumn to finally buy a fire pit.  We shopped around and decided to buy the Landmann Barrone Fire Pit.  At the time of our purchase, we found theLandmann Barrone Fire Pit to be a good deal for the depth and size that we were wanting at the time.

At the time of this posting, we have used our Landmann Barrone fire pit for several months.  There were some times in there where it was just too cold to use the fire pit in the winter, but I live in the south (Memphis, TN), and the cold snaps don’t stick around for terribly long.  We actually got to use it a good bit more this past winter than our northern friends would.

Landmann Barrone Fire Pit #Review

My opinion of the Landmann Barrone Fire Pit

My only regret in buying the Landmann Barrone fire pit is that we didn’t buy it years earlier.  We are LOVING it.  Our fire pit came with a rain proof cover which fits over the fire pit and lid nicely and protects it.  As of now (several months later), the cover is still in good shape.  It also came with a tool that hooks the lid should you want to take the lid off after it has gotten too hot.  I love this tool because I would be the idiot who grabbed the hot metal to remove the lid, otherwise.  LOL  We have abused the fire pit with fires that were really too big and left it out to endure lots of weather.  I hope that doesn’t catch up to us later, but, for now, the fire pit is holding up nicely.

Landmann Barrone Fire Pit #Review


My favorite part of owning a fire pit!

Easily, my favorite thing about owning a fire pit (any fire pit) is the family togetherness.  It is really easy for us to get distracted by TVs, computers, etc.  When we’re around the fire pit, we might pull out our smart phones a little bit, but we’re mostly focused on conversation and simple games.  I thought my sons had already told me about their last youth night at church, but things come out around the fire pit that they “forgot” to mention before.  When the family begins to straggle inside one by one leaving just one parent and one kid, the conversation deepens even more.  I wouldn’t trade those moments for anything.

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Bonus!  S’mores!

The one thing that is the cherry on top of all this family togetherness is S’MORES.  Toasted gooey marshmallow and melty chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers… Oh my goodness!  Why stop there?

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