How To Make a Cat Scratcher

It started with a desire to build something for our furry feline family members.  As one of the cats tried to sharpen his claws on a piece of furniture, it became clear that my husband would be making a cat scratcher.  As a teacher, I know that no’s work better when there are also yes’s.  No, you can’t scratch my furniture, but you can scratch this cat scratcher.

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How to make a cat scratcher.

My husband started with a post that is roughly about 4 inches on each side.  He cut it to be about 3 feet high.  He carefully wrapped a twine rope around the post using a hammer to tap the layers tightly together and a staple gun to secure it to the post.

How to make a cat scratcher.

Once he got near the top, he drilled a hole.  He ran a piece of rope through the hole and knotted both ends for a fun toy for the cats to play with.  He continued wrapping the rope to the top.

How to make a cat scratcher.

Once at the top, he made a nice swirl design to finish it off nicely.

How to make a cat scratcher.

The base was the last decision we made.  He finally decided on a wooden oval plaque.  A large screw affixed the post to the plaque.

How to make a cat scratcher.

The cats are intrigued by it.  They have been sniffing it, rubbing on it, and playing with the strings hanging from it.  I expect that they will get lots of enjoyment from it.  I am excited about their new cat scratcher.

How to make a cat scratcher.

Materials Needed to Make a Cat Scratcher:

Wooden Post 4 X 4 X 36 inches


Staple Gun

Drill with bit

Wooden Oval Plaque

Long Wood Screw


Callie rubbing on cat scratcher


It really is pretty simple, but if you would rather not make a cat scratcher yourself, check out similar items below.

How to Make a Cat Scratcher

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