The Well Planned Day Planner Review

This Well Planned Day planner is high on my wish list every year. I love it because it organizes so many different aspects of the homeschooling mom’s life in one place and not just the educational part. I’ll show you exactly what I mean.

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But first, let me be clear on one thing. I bought this Well Planned Day planner that I am reviewing. I did not receive it for free. I did not receive any money or free products in return for this blog post (I will receive a commission from Amazon if you use my link on the bottom of this post, though). I am posting this because I love this planner. I am posting this because I believe that you will love it, too.



This is what the planner looks like this year.  I love the colors which is good since this color scheme is used throughout the planner.  If I’m going to be looking at it everyday, it has to be gentle on the eyes.

The planner starts with Tips for Success, a place for notes, and pages showing how to utilize the planner which is all very valuable especially if you’re new to homeschooling.  Next, they have a place to record family memories from the year along with a place to record important dates like birthdays or anniversaries.  They have a place to keep record of household finances, household duties, and emergency contacts.  Next is a section for Teacher and Student Schedules.  While I see the value in all of these pages, honestly, I don’t use them.



This page (pictured above) is the page where I really start using my planner.  I usually put a paper clip to mark the year at a glance with a list of holiday dates below.  I also like to write down my semester goals.  This is a handy reminder to keep me focused on the priorities that I set before the year started.


At the beginning of every month, they have a Month at a Glance page.  I can keep everything on here to show me just how crazy my month is becoming.  Also, the quotes and quips that are found throughout the planner are always encouraging and helpful.

They do have shopping list tear-apart sections every month.  I find them to be much to small to be useful for an actual shopping list.  However, they often come in handy to give someone my phone number or email address, etc.  Sometimes I just need a scrap of paper to jot something down.

There are more finance, education, and notes sections that accompany each month.  However, this is the reason I buy this planner:


This is the Week at a Glance.  I have a place to write down each child’s assignments, extracurricular activities, weekly priorities, dinner menu, and even weekend activities.  I just love this because I can quickly see what each child is supposed to be doing, I can see what I hoped to prepare for dinner, and plan my day accordingly.

I truly cannot express enough just how much I love this planner.  It keeps me sane all year which is an extraordinary achievement.



Pictured above is the holiday section.  The Holiday Section!!!!  They have a place to write down the names of people who need Christmas cards along with a place to check them off once they are sent.  The next page allows you to write down all of those parties, plays, and events for the season including a “To Bring” section and a place for notes.  There is a page for gift ideas and recipients.  Did you find the perfect gift for Uncle John in September?  You have a place to write it down.  Then there are pages for writing down holiday shopping, money spent (I don’t like seeing it either, but it’s there if you want it), store name, gift bought… both in stores and online.

Last, but certainly not least, is the place to keep attendance and grades for each child.  I usually mark these pages with a paper clip as well.



Everything you could need to organize teaching, meal planning, finances, holiday budget and planning, extracurricular activities, and all other scheduling in one book.  I ordered my book off of Amazon this year.

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