Get Outside & Visit a Park Nearby!!!

Winter is over, and it is time to get outside and visit a nearby park!  The sunshine and fresh air are calling!

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During the winter, we keep pretty busy.  Between holiday functions and indoor soccer, we have a full plate, but it is all indoors.  As soon as spring weather appears, we are itching to get outside.  Fortunately for us, there are lots of local parks and playgrounds nearby.  We recently had a chance to visit one of my family’s favorite parks.

playing with a soccer ball

We are very much a soccer family!  

If we’re going to get outside, a soccer ball will likely come out sooner or later.  My youngest son, pictured above in the pink shirt, is a soccer player.  He plays every position and kicks balls around my house continuously.  My oldest son, pictured above in the black shirt, would rather play video games, but he referees soccer and frequently helps his brother practice.  My husband coaches soccer so we have a solid trifecta going here.  I am just a spectator.  *sigh*

Personally, I’d rather take a walk.

As much as I love watching my boys kick a ball around getting fresh air, sunshine, and exercise, I would rather take a walk.  This park doesn’t disappoint.  It has 2 miles of walking trails that circle ponds and sports areas, cut through wooded areas and fields,  pass near a playground, and go up and down hills.  In the picture below, you can see part of the walking trail just behind this pond.

pond walking trail and warf

They have a lovely wooded area where we like to take nature walks.  They even have signs detailing interesting information about tree root systems and names of some of the trees there.  We have frequently used this trail while studying botany, insects, geology, etc.  It is fun to just hike through it, too.

Also at the park…

They have baseball and softball fields for recreational practices and games.  The soccer fields are located elsewhere but are run by the same parks office.  They have a football field area surrounded by a track.  They also have tennis courts nearby.  They have a playground that my boys played in years ago.  Now, my toddler nieces play there.  Also available there is an amphitheater, picnic pavilions, and picnic tables. There are ducks and, sometimes, geese hanging around.  We usually see people walking, jogging, riding bikes, playing, fishing, picnicking, and even sitting in their cars to escape during their lunch hour.

ducks on a pond

Below is a gallery of pictures of my boys playing with a soccer ball.  Looks like fun, right?

What are you waiting for?  There’s no day like today to get outside.  Where is your nearest park?

*You can check out more information about the importance of play at VoiceOfPlay.org.

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